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My Story

My name is Annie and for as long as I can remember, beauty, self care and glam has been my passion. At the age of 16 I went off to aesthetics school, I graduated high school very early. I moved out and started my own business at 16. My ambition is almost as great as my fathers. Coming from a long lineage of entrepreneurs it fit me to take this route. Nobody ever thought this pretty Wisconsin born girl who loved making people beautiful, could do this full time and make a living all on her own. Its shocking to write this, because that is exactly what I’ve done. I moved to Las Vegas in 2018 (I was only 20) all by my myself and made a name for myself here. I love and care for my clients like they are family. I’ve beat the odds and made it as a business owner. I launched Hex Beauty Lab, my own skincare line in 2020. I worked alongside a chemist and lab for nearly two years to perfect the formulas. Hex has truly changed the game for so many men and women, and it was worth all those long nights. I’d love to share my passion with you, glam you up for a night out or help you achieve your dream complexion . I love doing lash extensions, I get to relax and chat with my client while making their lashes perfect for weeks to come. I am so proud of the lives I’ve changed, ridding women of skin conditions, anxiety and low self esteem. You are freaking beautiful, let me teach you how to take care of that beauty. You deserve it.

Xoxo - Annie

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