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Thank you for choosing Annie for your treatment! The purpose of Microneedling is to create micro-channels in the skin allowing the infusion of active ingredients (such as peptides & Hyaluronic Acid) to penetrate deeply and effectively into the dermis, nourishing the skin and stimulating the regrowth of collagen and elastin fibers. A series of 3 to 6 treatments are recommended for best results. It is meant to target scarring, texture, lines and wrinkles. -$150 Per treatment. book a skincare consultation to see about our package deals.

Microneedling is an advanced treatment, your Aesthetican must be professionally trained and licensed. Dermarolling is of the past.

See for yourself in this video.


Does it hurt? Will I bleed?

Annie uses numbing gel to ensure a painless treatment. You may experience pinpoint bleeding but you will not be left with a bloody face.

How long does it take?

30-45 Minutes. Do your intake form online ahead of time to save time!

Will I need to take off work?

You are able to work the next day no problem! Just remember, after treatment you will not be able to workout or apply makeup for the rest of the day. 

What results will I see?

Most clients notice a difference the next day! Skin will feel much smoother, texture will be diminished, lines will be minimized.  The skin rapidly repairs in the days after the treatment, yet you can still see improving results up to 3 months after treatment! Collagen and elastin fibers will rebuild and give you new younger skin. You will love your new skin!

How long do the results last?

When new collagen is produced it remains for years and years. Making Microneedling extremely effective, especially considering how cost friendly and quick treatment is!

What are the risks?

Infections after Microneedling are very rare. The aftercare instructions you'll be given tell you exactly how to care for the skin so that you heal perfectly! Annie uses a new needle every single time and is licensed and twice certified in Microneedling.

Do I need to stop using active ingredients in my skincare before treatment?

Annie will be able to answer any specific questions you have about your current regimen. You will need to be off Retinols, Tretinoin, Clindamycin and other prescribed creams for atleast one week. You will need to be off Accutane for atleast 6 months. 

Still not sure? Don't take my word for it!

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