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Annie created Hex Beauty Lab, a results driven skincare line. Cruelty free, sustainable, local and Clinically studied.
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"I've been working with skin professionally since 2015. Much like you, in my earlier years I had no idea what I was doing. Since my advanced education and experience with skin, I've got it down to a science. I am three times certified in Peels, two times certified in Microneedling and a list of skincare certifications that would blow your mind. Creating Hex Beauty Lab and working alongside a chemist gave me years of knowledge I cannot begin to explain. I am CONFIDENT, I can fix your skin. I only offer services and products where you'll see a difference right away. I am strictly results driven. Do not wait another minute, lets get you on track to have the best skin of your life."

- Annie Peterson

Lets begin with your main skin concern, I'll take it from there.

You're on your way to better skin! Message sent.

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